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Shuttle Mission Information

Orbital Data

Flight: STS-107
Orbiter: COLUMBIA (OV-102)
Inclinat / Orbital Insertion Altitude: 39 deg. / 150 nm
Launch: Jan. 16, 2003 - 15:39 UTC
Docking Not Scheduled
Undocking Not Scheduled
Landing: Feb. 1, 2003 - 14:16 UTC
Shuttle Mission # 113

The FREESTAR payload is a Hitchhiker payload through the GSFC Code 870 Shuttle Small Payloads Project. FREESTAR consists of separate experiments and the Hitchhiker (HH) Carrier (HHC) avionics mounted on a cross-bay HH Multipurpose Equipment Support Structure (MPESS). The carrier avionics provides the interface to the electrical systems, the payload power control, and command and telemetry capabilities. Examples of some of the experiments that FREESTAR can carry are MEIDEX, SOLSE-2, CVX-2, SOLCON-3, LPT, SEM, and PSRD.

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Space Shuttle Pre-Launch Images

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Docking Images
EVA Images
Landing Images
Rick D. Husband , Commander
William C. McCool , Pilot
Michael P. Anderson , Payload Commander
Kalpana Chawla , Mission Specialist
David M. Brown , Mission Specialist
Laurel B. Clark , Mission Specialist
Ilan Ramon , (ISA) Payload Specialist

STS-107 Crew Poster

STS-107 Mission Poster

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